The opera and the artist are one in the front of the observer.

Both melt into the light of the consciousness and merge with the viewer, shrouding it into the mystery that we call Life.

The artist takes you deep into your being, where you will discover unexplored truths yet.

My works are resonators that amplify well hidden archetypal matrices.

True joy comes from the recognition of the ONE.

This is my goal.

Look inside you!


  • 1995 — “Human dimension”
  • 2005 — “Contrast” at Winmarkt in Piatra Neamt
  • 2005 — Sculpture Exhibition
  • 2010 — marble sculpture Dimitrie Leonida
    at Water Museum in Piatra Neamt
  • 2012 — group exhibition “Transylvania artists “ in Germany
    at Raduart in Furstenfeldbruck
  • 2012 — “Evlokia” in Chicago , U.S.A.
  • 2013 — Personal exhibition of sculpture and graphics
    at Sutu Palace, Romania
  • 2014 — Personal exhibition of sculpture and graphics
    at Artmarkt galleries in Bucharest, Romania